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The iconic 30 year historic dive bar formerly known as the Elbo Room has been revived as The Valencia Room. Our goal is to preserve the diverse culture and lasting traditions that are indelible to the Mission District. We strive to continue the tradition of providing the highest caliber of diverse local and touring artist for live music and DJ's. We are excited at the opportunity to provide the entertainment and hospitality services that anchor San Francisco's appetite for small music venue's and casual, comfortable bars.


From floral arrangements to smoke and fog, there are endless creatively wild trends. The Valencia Room's beverage program stays true to the classics as well as refreshes with new takes to quench your curiosity. Our ambitious lineup of draft beers, wine, champagne and spirits is uncompromising and offers a variety for your discerning taste.


Kölsch Style Ale ABV 4.6% IBU 17


Pilsner ABV 6.06% IBU 16.41 SRM 3.42


White Ale ABV 5.0% IBUs 12

Sierra Nevada Hazy IPA

ABV 46.7% IBU 35


ABV 4.20% IBU 12


IPA ABV 7.0% IBU 95


IPA ABV 8.2% IBU 73


ABV 4.9% IBU 35


Dry Stout ABV 4.2% IBU 40



The Valencia Room is fully engineered with state of the art audio excellence and the latest technical lighting systems to create the most stunning encompassing effects and audio for an unparalleled

High End

Void Acoustics.

Stepping onto the luxury craftsmanship of the white oak dance floor, you will be overcome by the immersive audio sensations resulting in an undeniable connection to the music. The acoustical experience will fundamentally change the way you define great sound. The array of distinctive and handsome speakers showcase the highly enviable brand of a Void system.

Equipment List

2 - AirMotion Tops - Three-way Bi-amped sculpted loudspeaker array

2 - Stasys Xair - Double 18`` horn loaded subs

2 - Venue 10s - Delay speakers

2 - AirTens V2

4 - Stasys 118 sub

12 - Cyclone 8's

1 - Venue 210i sub

4 - Pioneer CDJ2000 Nexus 2

2 - Pioneer DJM 900 Nexus 2

2 - Technics 1200 Turntables

Void Bias Amps and configured with Qsys designer


Fluxbank88 Lighting.

Visually striking with the latest technology in lasers, intelligent moving lights, par cans, wall washers, and hazers, transform the club atmosphere into pure energy and excitement. The visual presence amplifies the mood and creates a festive environment for everyone. The sound system was designed and installed by FluxGate88 and Bob Athey at ATI (All Things Integrated)


The Bar.

The building is a two-story structure with the main bar downstairs. We are open seven days a week from 5pm–2am. The Valencia Room is a 21-and-over club.


The Venue.

The Valencia Room offers private and semi-private venue tables with premium beverage & VIP bottle services. Please contact us at or 415-598-8862 for more information.

Attach layout and seating/standing capacity for each section - priced.

Attach layout and seating/standing capacity for each section - priced.


Event Hosting.

The Valencia Room is meticulously setup to host your next private event. Corporate functions, product launches, photoshoots, workshops, team offsites, performances, or to host any party your imagination may produce. Our team of experts are available to assist you to produce a memorable event.

Ground Floor Bar - Layout / Seating / Amenities / Capacity

2nd Floor Club - Layout / Seating / Amenities / Capacity

4x 82`` Samsung Monitors

Pinball Room

Karaoke System

Presentation System

Complete DJ System

Void Audio & Fluxbank Lighting System

Full service u-shaped bar

Full service wave shaped bar

5300 sq foot / 2650 per level

Photo List

3D walk thru tour

Full sized stage

Band Gear

DJ Gear

Please contact us at or 415-598-8862 to book your next event.

All speakers are powered by Void Bias Amps and configured with Qsys designer. Live band mixing console is a Midas M32.
The sound system was designed and installed by FluxGate88 and Bob Athey at ATI (All Things Integrated).