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Deep Trouble | Oso Feo, Llloyd, Taboo & Very Much Romance.

///Deep Trouble | Oso Feo, Llloyd, Taboo & Very Much Romance


Date: February 27, 2020
Duration: 1 Day
Category: ,
Type: open

People keep asking us what exactly is deep trouble?

Well, let’s put it this way – deep trouble is what happens to a person who falls asleep on a beach before high-tide or when the future of the lil Chihuahua that u decided to set free in the middle of the African Savanna or a DJ who takes the K line by mistake and gets off at the wrong station before their set….u get the idea

Joke aside, unfortunately we are temporarily losing a limb…or maybe torso or a head…hmm…we are loosing our Italo blood aka Dan Harris who will be away for 6 months 😞
Good news though is that we’re now accepting applications for new Italo djs – send your resume and portfolio at

Come to the Valencia Room for the 1st round of auditions with best in the game referees:

Oso Feo (Only Human, Cult Frequencies)

Llloyd (ways inner pass)

Taboo (Only Human, No Frills)

Very Much Romance (Come Relax With Us | Oakland, but also Ibiza)